Review: Evil Dead



Now I ,Suzi, have come to hate scary movies. Why? Because I have turned into a wimp and cannot take 90-120 minutes of muscle tension that turns into a headache. Plus, half way through the film you can usually figure out the ending…unfortunately. However, this is a film review blog so must include horror or scary movies. Luckily I have someone who will be our co-author on horror film posts, his name is Randy.


This is what he had to say about the Evil Dead:

“As far as remakes go it was the best one I’ve seen thus far. For a horror film its on the level of such films as VHS, You’re Next, and Friday The 13th. Fede Alvarez did a great job with practical effects (i.e. little use of CGI) as well as paying homage to Sam Raimi’s original Evil Dead. At only 1 hour and 30 minutes Alvarez managed to pack more gore, blood, and suspense into one movie than I ever thought capable. At moments I found myself  (a 25 year old man) covering his eyes in fear. I would HIGHLY recommend this to audiences who love horror and gore. For those who do not enjoy such things I would say do Not go see this movie (maybe rent it later in the comfort and blankets of your own home).” Randy



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