Review: Chasing Mavericks


I am a sucker for any sports movie that shows emotion, heart and a triumphant ending and this film has all three in spades. Based on the true story of young maverick-wave-chasing surfer Jay Moriarity who began his journey as a surfer at the age of 8 shows his struggle of getting the respect from other surfers as well as dealing with a not so desirable home life. The actor who plays Jay (Jonny Weston) does a great job of showing Jay’s vulnerability with his childhood crush Kim (Leven Rambin) and how he learns to become a man through his surfing mentor Frosty (Gerard Butler). This film shows him at 15 learning how to deal with his mom who goes from job to job and a dad that left when he was you get. Needless to say he had to grow up really quick and surfing was his outlet for his situations at home. This film portrayed his vigor and dedication to catching the biggest waves known as Mavericks and he doesn’t stop until he gets one. Like all good sports films theres obstacles young Jay must overcome to finally catch this big wave as well as the other people in his life who realize that he will catch this wave no matter what.


You can’t help but root for him and see the love he had for his mom, his mentor and Kim who he eventually married. Unfortunately this film has a bittersweet ending as it shows that Jay died in the Maldives in 2001 when he went surfing alone and drowned. Gerard Butler expresses a great quote that portrays Jays way of living by giving it your all everyday and doing what you love no matter the circumstances, which produced many posters that say “Live Like Jay”.


The ending is sad and sweet at the same time as all members of Jays life gather for a paddle out in remembrance for the kindhearted, driven kid from Santa Cruz, CA who followed his dream and never have up. Some salty tears may spill from this film but it’s raw, passionate and gives a great story for one of the most courageous surfers ever.


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