Review: For a Good Time, Call…


Let me start out by saying that I LOVE chick flicks and mostly everything about them. This film from previews and trailers looked like a total shoe-in for chick flick genre and it was, however, I did think that some of the dialogue was a little forced. I’m just not one for a lot of crude sexual humor but I guess I knew that going in because of the title so that was a misstep on my part. The actors were great in this especially Justin Long who was phenomenal as the archetypal gay best friend to these two frenemies. If I am ever blessed with a gay best friend I can only hope that he resembles half of how Justin Long is in this film.


I did thoroughly enjoy the friendship between these two girls and how it went from them absolutely hating each other to loving each other. I think that’s what I liked most about this film was that it wasn’t focused on the male-female relationship and put that one front and center in the story line. Instead the film primarily focused on the relationship building between these two girls as best friends, which frankly I think needs to be involved in more storylines these days. To say that I love Ari Graynor who plays Katie would be an understatement!! I LOVE her, I think she is hilarious, has great comedic timing and is serious when need be. I hope she stays in the game for a long time because she is worth it. I also greatly enjoyed the little romance between Katie and her 10:00 P.M. caller and how their relationship grew as well. All in all this was a fun and witty film about women making their own money on their own terms and not apologizing for it. I think all women could take a lesson from Katie and Lauren in that you gotta learn to make yourself happy first and not worry about what everyone else thinks because you only live once so you might as well make it interesting. I would definitely say you should at least Rent this film.


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