Throwback Thursday: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective


There are two kinds of people in this world, people who love Jim Carrey and people who absolutely hate Jim Carrey. I absolutely LOVE Jim Carrey especially from his early career and something from his earlier career that I still love to this day and quote on a daily basis is Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Yes this film is corny, over the top, wacky and downright silly but that’s what makes it one of my all time favorite movies. Jim Carrey is his best when he is over the top and out of control. He plays Ace Ventura so well that in my opinion there is no way that someone cannot love this movie and this character. I mean from the very first scene we see that this film is not a normal one and that it’s going to be a little different and that’s a good thing otherwise it would be boring. From the scenes of him in the dolphin tank to the formal night with Melissa to him at the crime scene bellowing from the balcony, all of his little idiosyncrasies that maybe some would find annoying I find completely amusing. For instance the scene where Ace goes to the Psychiatric Hospital and he is reinacting a moment from his football glory days and walks down the hall behind Melissa and the doctor, whistles, splashs some water on his face and then slams his face into the bench has got to be one of my favorite scenes in the film. My friend and I rewound that part about 10 times when we were younger much to my sister Suzis chagrin but we loved it. Courtney Cox, Tone Loc and Sean Young all had great parts as the straight guys to Jim’s shenanigans. I love this movie and will continue to re-watch it until I get sick of it which is highly unlikely. I feel somewhat bad for people who don’t appreciate this film but relish in the fact that I am among the few who truly appreciate it and love it for exactly what is it. All righty Then!!


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