Music Review: Machine Gun Kelly


Yes, I know this is meant to be a film blog but I like to have a broad scope on different elements of Entertainment, hence this review on the MGK concert I went to on May 4th at The Ventura Majestic Theater. Now I am not a rap person by any means but when I first started listening to his music about a year ago he caught my attention and has kept it ever since. I just recently heard his newer music from his Lace Up album and loved it so when I heard that he was going to be playing somewhere close to where I live I pounced on the opportunity to go see him. I was a little nervous going to the show because I was not totally familiar with every single song of his but I loved the ones I knew and had read that he was a great performer, needless to say he did not disappoint. He had about six openers and they were all good in their own way but I thought Dub-O was the best because he got the crowd hyped right before MGK came on. The Ventura Theater was a great venue for his concert because it was small enough that it was close and personal yet big enough that I didn’t feel squished in.


“For the next hour just let yourself go, close your eyes and listen”, is what MGK said to the crowd after his first song and that is exactly what I did. Though I don’t completely condone smoking pot and manhandling girls onstage, granted they were willing I have to say that this was hands down THE best concert I have ever been to and here’s why. This kid never stopped going hard on every song he just kept going and going without any kind of break in between. Every song he did was 150% even so that he was limping by the end of the show but kept on raging until the bitter end. He was humble and thanked all the fans in the crowd for coming and supporting him. The crowd and their energy had a big impact on my experience at this concert. They as well as I was so willing to have just as good a time as MGK was and we raged right along with him and never stopped. He sang songs mostly from his Lace Up album including See My Tears (my personal favorite), Warning Shot (which got the crowd so amped), All We Have (a great reflective piece), Her Song, Invincible, Half Naked and Almost Famous, End of the Road and his ever famous Wild Boy which completely drove the crowd into a frenzy. He also did Limp Bizkit’s “Rollin'” anthem which started off the madness and Eminem’s “Forgot About Dre” which was a nice homage. I have to give a shout out to MGK’s drummer he was AMAZING!! He played with such intensity and ferocity that really added a nice punk rock element and the fact that MGK covered his eyes and he still played a fast set which lit up the crowd was simply unforgettable. Slim G, MGK’s right hand man also added a nice flow to the show and aided MGK very nicely.


He shouts to the crowd that some people might not understand why we (the fans) love his Lace Up movement and why we love him so much but his true fans get it and to him that’s all that matters. We love him because he is humble, truly appreciates his fans, knows where he has come from and promises to always be true to himself and his fans. Just follow his Twitter and Instagram and you’ll see pictures of girls and maybe some of him smoking but most of them are pics of him with his fans or of tattoos in honor of him and his Lace Up movement. To his fans he is an inspiration, an underdog, a voice for people who don’t have one, he means a lot to his fans and he doesn’t take that title lightly. I am happy to be one of those fans and though some people might not get it I’m not going to apologize or hide my love for him. MGK thank you for the amazing night and I hope I’ll see you again in concert soon. Everyone Stands Together, Lace Up!

MGK Instagram


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