Review: Silver Linings Playbook


Jennifer Lawrence has become my hero in the past couple of months. I not only love her because she is talented and beautiful but because she is effing hysterical and honest about who she is and who she does not want to become. This role was a great choice for her as a young actress, especially since she has such emotional range in her performances. She was able to be vulnerable, witty, sensitive and a ball buster as a young widow who is trying to find herself again after her husband suddenly dies. She is a strong female lead and definitely earned her Oscar with this film. This movie has funny bits but is not a comedy, it deals with real struggles and issues that people with OCD and bipolar disorder have to go through on a daily basis. I loved it because it was honest and showed the real emotions and struggles these actors who portray real people have to go through every day. The dance sequence at the end has to be my favorite scene because it finally shows how Bradley Cooper (Pat) finally learns to let go and have fun. The dancing is part of Jennifer Lawrence’s character (Tiffany) therapy and she brings Bradley into and though he is hesitant at first he ends up loving it and it helps him work through his issues as well. It has a romantic element but it also shows family dynamics and the struggles they have to endure as well. Robert De Niro and Jacki Weaver do an amazing job of playing Bradley’s parents. They show the frustrated yet equally loving side of dealing with a son who has mental issues.


This film to me is a great story of people who have to learn to move on with their life after something unexpected happens. This is something that I think everyone on some level can relate to. We all have something that has happened that might not have been tragic but something we had to learn from and move on from. These actors did an amazing job of bringing David O. Russell’s words to life. It’s emotional, heartfelt, sad, funny, lovely and real all in one. Bradley Cooper did a fantastic job and though Daniel Day Lewis deserved his Oscar for Lincoln in my opinion there should’ve been a tie of some sort. Anyway this is a great film, everyone should see it at least once and can I get an Amen for Chris Tucker popping back up again. He added the right amount of comedy and it was good to see him on the big screen again.


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