Review: Fast and Furious 6


The new and ever so wonderful sequel of the Fast and the Furious series has grossed 120 million, and I can tell you why. It was action packed yet emotional. This time around it revolves around family and doing everything you can to keep it.This family theme rings true from the first scene till the last scene, a few seconds after the credits. The whole cast is back again and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They all compliment the movie nicely while bringing to the table special abilities within the mission. The car chases are even more intense and theatrical than ever before. At some points of the movie you will be squeezing your chair or at the end of your seat just waiting to see how things play out. The fight scenes and chases are well choreographed and have a way of sucking you in. The way Justin Lin shot the movie was done so well that you feel as if you are in those cars going 120 mph and making split decisions to turn on a dime or jump a ramp.


The Rock or Dwayne Johnson not only over shadows Vin Diesel in build but also in fight sequences. His HUGENESS takes over the screen and the scenes. You don’t mess with the Rock in this movie. My favorite characters have to be Han and Gisele, they are what bring most of the romantic feel to the movie. And what would a good action film be without some comedy? Tyrese and Ludacris bring it in tons. Their wittiness and jabs at each other is what make the comdiec moments great. Just when you think it has gone all serious they come in and lighten the mood. They are what make this movie great. Then again when is it ever hard to watch Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Tyrese Gibson, and Ludaric in one movie, Never. Definitely should SEE this movie in theaters to get the rush and feel it produces.


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