Review: This Is The End



Although this might not be the funniest movie I have ever seen, it might be the most enjoyable I have seen. This Is the End encompasses what a male movie should look like. It has all the crude humor and random penis jokes that accompany male friendships. Watching this film you almost feel like you are one of the guys. I can without a doubt say that all of the cast enjoyed filming this movie. You can see it in their faces and demeanor that they not only enjoyed each other as fellow characters but also had a lot of laughter in between. This literally is like a sleep over for all the famous emma-watson-this-is-the-end
friends Seth Rogen has made in his life. I love that they use their real names and talk about situations past and present that are relevant to each actors real lives. Some of the humor is lost on me because I am girl and don’t get the fascination with jokes about “cuming”. However, I was either smiling or laughing through out the whole film which is what I expect Seth Rogen wanted. He had such an original idea that seems so easy and simple it became a great comedy.
Knowing how much fun the cast had also made this more enjoyable, because you had just as much fun watching as they did acting. Not only can you tell they had a blast but you can also tell most of the movie was ad libbed. The way they speak to each other and the randomness of their responses and reactions are so real and odd that they had to be improvised, which is what ultimately made this movie great.



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