Review: Mortal Instruments City of Bones


Should See

I will let you all know I am trying to finish the book, need about 1/3 more Togo. So with this in mind this is what I thought of the movie. I loved the characters and the actors who played them, would not change any of them. However, I felt that this film could have incorporated a lot more of the book details that they didn’t. It felt like a usual fantasy movie with small elements of the book put in, which really disappointed me. I was hoping to walk out of there saying “this is the best movie ever” but unfortunately I did not. I will also say that I hope they get a new director for the next one, one who might have actually read the book. I feel a little snobby writing a less than good review which is why I am going to see it again to hopefully appreciate it as just a movie rather than a book portrayal.

I will say that the action was fun to watch and the love story was enticing, however not knowing some parts of the story I was shocked to see they were siblings. In fact it ruined the rest of the movie for me, I want not only the kick ass scenes but the love story that usually tags along. I know now (because I begged my sister to tell me) that this changes in the books but for me I was discombobulated when I saw that. I hope to give a nicer review after the second viewing,I will keep you posted. I do hope all who read the book go to see the movie to hopefully get your own review or opinion on how they did.



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