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Throwback Thursday: Hocus Pocus


In honor of All Hallows Eve, Throwback Thursday and the fact that this film has been around for 20 years I’ve decided to highlight one of the best Halloween movies in existence, Hocus Pocus (1993). If you have seen this one and know the lines backwards and forwards you had an awesome childhood, if you have never seen this film in it’s 20 years I feel sorry for you. This film may not have done well in the box office when it first came out but as time went on it became one of the cult classics that fans have kept alive every Halloween. Sure this film is cheesy and predictable but aren’t all Halloween movies a little cheesy and predictable, I think yes. All the actors in this one do a great job of jumping into their characters and really going for it. But I must say the actresses who play the Sanderson sisters really nail it. Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker do a fabulous job of bringing these sisters to life and making them seem somewhat lovable while at the same time disapproving of their actions to try to look and feel younger (by killing young children for their souls). The scenes in this film are priceless from the sisters just communicating with one another and how Winnie (Bette) always dumbs down her two sisters and her having to try to deal with their stupidity to the awesome dance scene at the Halloween party where Bette Midler shows off her pipes with her rendition of “I Put A Spell on You”. That song and scene really put me in the Halloween spirit because it has such energy and involvement from the whole cast and even the extras that you truly wish you were there to dance and sing along. Not only does Bette show off her singing but Sarah Jessica Parker exposes her singing talents in a softer way of luring the young kids to their house with the song “Come Little Children” which sounds pretty but if you really listen to the lyrics it’s quite creepy.


There is a slight love story in here somewhere but its overshadowed by the Sanderson sisters need to be younger as well as the sibling story that is more prominent and in my opinion a better way to go than another love story wrapped in a Holiday movie. Don’t get me wrong I like Max and Allison but I think it was a better story to incorporate Thackery looking for his sister Emily and how that correlated with Max having to save his younger sister Dani. So at the heart of this creepy witch movie is a story of siblings sticking together and protecting one another no matter what. I also love this movie because it features a zombie by the name of Billy before zombies were even cool. He was a great addition to the graveyard scene because it shows that though he is a soulless creature he still has feelings and wants to help Max keep his little safe as well, see zombies are nice they’re just misunderstood. I can’t forget about the two nimrods Jay and Ice who are a reminder that you shouldn’t pick on people, eat too much candy or skip school. Anyway I hope you all have a wonderfully creepy Halloween and if this film fits into your evening I highly recommend it. Happy Halloween everyone!