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Review: The Way Way Back


I LOVED this film, I loved the simplicity of the storyline, I loved the exquisite acting, I loved the amazing actors, I loved the music, and I loved the underlying message of self respect and learning who you truly are. The story line was simple, a semi formed family travels to a small town for the summer in hopes of becoming a closer family while also trying to have a fun time. Steve Carell plays the new boyfriend, Trent, trying to get close to his pseudo step son, he is a horrible character and Steve plays him so well. The son Duncan played by Liam James is a 14 year old who is going through his parents divorce while also trying to figure out how he fits into this new family role while also being subjected to Trent’s constant negative comments towards his looks and attitude. Duncan is quiet, shy and awkward in the beginning but as the film goes on and he befriends some older guys at the local water park he learns that he is stronger than he thinks and by the end of the film is able to finally stand up to Trent (Steve Carell) and his mom. This film has some great heartwarming moments when Duncan finally accepts who he is and becomes confident of himself. Duncan has a slight crush on the girl next door (AnnaSophia Robb) but the story doesn’t focus too much on it which actually helps the film with its importance of family first.


Another reason I loved this film so much is quite simply the awesome cast. Allison Janney is hysterical as always, Maya Rudolph is spectacular, Nat Faxon who wrote and directed this film is quirky and lovable, but my all time favorite actor in this one is hands down Sam Rockwell. He helps young Duncan realize that he is confident, strong, funny and worth everything he deserves, but at the same time Duncan helps Owen (Sam Rockwell) grow up. Owen is an important figure in Duncan’s life at this point in his life and the end result is awesome. Sam Rockwell performs his heart out as the water park worker who doesn’t really work but cares about his job and co workers. There is a part where he does a Footloose speech to a bunch of teenagers which is just priceless and hilarious. Please please please watch this film if you want to be entertained, laugh, maybe tear up a bit and learn a little about self respect and family.



42: Movie Review


First off I am a huge Dodgers fan it is in my blood, my dad has always been an avid Dodgers fan, he remembers holding my twin and I, one in each arm, only a couple weeks old while he rooted for the Dodgers as they won the World Series in 1988. So with that being said I was very excited to watch this film and it did not disappoint in the slightest. This one was able to delve into all of Jackie Robinson’s life some in small detail and others in explicit detail which really worked for this 2 hour film. It showed the love between him and his wife Rachel and their profound bond of being together while also trying to stay strong in the face of constant prejudice. It also did a great job of highlighting his strength of having to be the bigger man when constantly being heckled by the worst person in the film and baseball at the time Ben Chapman who disgustingly degrades Jackie on the field with the most derogatory and racist insults it’s almost too hard to watch. However, this scene though hard to watch showcases Jackie’s character as someone who must be strong mentally and physically.


Chadwick Boseman the newcomer who plays this legend does an amazing job of portraying Jackie as a gentleman with his wife as well as a great ball player who never wanted to make waves with anyone but someone who just wanted a shot at playing the game he loved. He was not able to verbally stick up for himself against the many people who disagreed with his right to play ball but that was ok because his skills on the field did the talking and man did they speak volumes. Not only was this man a great legend because of his status as the first African American Baseball Player but he was a legend because of his ball playing and his role as a great human being. The other actors complement the story very well and they include Harrison Ford (who always is amazing), Lucas Black (the fellow Dodger who sincerely befriended Jackie), T.R. Knight and Nicole Beharie who plays his amazing and supportive wife. This was a great sports movie that was heartfelt and had a great message one that still lives on today with every MLB player sporting the number “42” on April 15 (the first day Jackie took the professional field) in honor of Jackie’s legacy and barriers he broke. Rent and/or buy this film.

2 Guns: Movie Review


If you want to see a film that is full of action, a little bit of laughs and a slight twist in plot then this is the one to watch at the moment. Though I thought it was a bit of a B movie for both the leading men, they did play their respective roles very well. Denzel as always does no wrong and is quite comical as the semi straight guy who tries to go by the book. He is forced to work with Mark Wahlberg who this time plays the wild card guy trying to just get the job done no matter the rules. They have great chemistry and play off of each other very well. It has it’s obvious violent moments of gun play and sabotage between players of who is actually getting all the drug money (the plot line was a bit hazy for me). Nonetheless it had some great actors including James Marsden, Bill Paxton (he is ruthless) and Paula Patton (who I think could’ve been excluded).


I was thoroughly entertained with this film and though it may not have been the best of the summer or the year it did have a great cast, funny conversations between Mark and Denzel and loads of action and adventure. If you are looking for something that is somewhat light and not have to think about what you’re watching for a couple of hours feel free to pop this one in. I’d say it was a definite rent.