2 Guns: Movie Review


If you want to see a film that is full of action, a little bit of laughs and a slight twist in plot then this is the one to watch at the moment. Though I thought it was a bit of a B movie for both the leading men, they did play their respective roles very well. Denzel as always does no wrong and is quite comical as the semi straight guy who tries to go by the book. He is forced to work with Mark Wahlberg who this time plays the wild card guy trying to just get the job done no matter the rules. They have great chemistry and play off of each other very well. It has it’s obvious violent moments of gun play and sabotage between players of who is actually getting all the drug money (the plot line was a bit hazy for me). Nonetheless it had some great actors including James Marsden, Bill Paxton (he is ruthless) and Paula Patton (who I think could’ve been excluded).


I was thoroughly entertained with this film and though it may not have been the best of the summer or the year it did have a great cast, funny conversations between Mark and Denzel and loads of action and adventure. If you are looking for something that is somewhat light and not have to think about what you’re watching for a couple of hours feel free to pop this one in. I’d say it was a definite rent.


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