Review: This Is The End



Although this might not be the funniest movie I have ever seen, it might be the most enjoyable I have seen. This Is the End encompasses what a male movie should look like. It has all the crude humor and random penis jokes that accompany male friendships. Watching this film you almost feel like you are one of the guys. I can without a doubt say that all of the cast enjoyed filming this movie. You can see it in their faces and demeanor that they not only enjoyed each other as fellow characters but also had a lot of laughter in between. This literally is like a sleep over for all the famous emma-watson-this-is-the-end
friends Seth Rogen has made in his life. I love that they use their real names and talk about situations past and present that are relevant to each actors real lives. Some of the humor is lost on me because I am girl and don’t get the fascination with jokes about “cuming”. However, I was either smiling or laughing through out the whole film which is what I expect Seth Rogen wanted. He had such an original idea that seems so easy and simple it became a great comedy.
Knowing how much fun the cast had also made this more enjoyable, because you had just as much fun watching as they did acting. Not only can you tell they had a blast but you can also tell most of the movie was ad libbed. The way they speak to each other and the randomness of their responses and reactions are so real and odd that they had to be improvised, which is what ultimately made this movie great.



Review: Monsters University



Monsters University was a huge hit in my book. The animation is still wonderful and the vibrant colors of the scenery and monsters make this such a great film to watch. I am so happy to see/hear Billy Crystal and John Goodman reprise their roles as Mike and Sully. No one can make those characters come to life like their charismatic and charming voices. Seeing the journey Mike takes from a child to University student is so amazingly adorable that you cant help but watch. Waiting to hear familiar voices is why watching this movie is so exciting. Not only does it have the same memorable voices as in the previous Monsters movie but also introduces many great actors/actresses as well. Most of the voices that you hear are easily identifiable but some might be harder than others. I love hearing the energetic voices of John Ratzenberger, Nathan Fillion, and Sean Hayes, which are just a few that grace this movie with their voices.


This movie could not have shown a better representation of the theme , going after your dreams, in a better way. This should speak to all kids in that growing up is hard and reaching your dreams is always a journey, which might not end up to what you imagined. Like usual there is a silver lining to their story and a happy ending. Mike and Sully decide on a path toward their goal of working at Monsters Inc. and will do every job with perfection to get there. The motto “with hard work and determination anything is possible” rings true till the end of this film.


Throwback Thursday: Jumping Jack Flash


Hey guys sorry I haven’t been up to date on these Throwback Thursdays, I’ve been busy out of town so today I am going to be taking it way back. Back to 1986, yes the good old 80’s a time when most of my favorite movies were made. This film Jumping Jack Flash is no different. It has everything you could possibly want in an 80’s film, a funny relevant cast, 80’s style and a great mix of action/drama/comedy. Whoopi Goldberg leads the way in this hilarious film about Terry, a data entry analyst for First National Bank in Manhattan who receives coded messages from an unknown source asking her to help him with his situation. Her workspace is surrounded by some well known and equally funny actors including Jon Lovitz, Steven Collins, Carol Kane, Annie Potts, and the one and only Phil Hartman (RIP). These costars give a spectacular performance along with the frontrunner Whoopi who delivers a great performance as always. She is a funny and outspoken woman who is just trying to do her job as well as wanting to help this person in trouble. The hilarity begins with this unknown person telling Terry that all the clues to find him are hidden in The Rolling Stones song…can you guess, “Jumping Jack Flash” very good! So she bundles herself up and begins the process of listening to that song on constant repeat to figure it out, now this was before CD’s or IPod’s so she has rewind the cassette tape which makes it even funnier. I’m not going to give away any of the details of how this film plays out but trust me if you love a good action film with many humorous scenes please watch this movie for your own good.


Now I love Whoopi Goldberg I think she is one of those versatile actors who can do serious films such as Ghost and then can turn around and do a fun comedy like this. Though its not going to earn her any Oscars its fun to watch when you want something that’s light hearted yet heartfelt. Penny Marshall directed this film so you can’t really go wrong with her behind the wheel. One of my favorite scenes is when Whoopi has to get inside an exclusive Ball, obviously her name is not on the list so she decides to impersonate Diana Ross which she pulls off flawlessly, ok that’s the only thing I’ll give away. I gladly own this film and would highly suggest as least watching it once just to see the 80’s charm in all its glory.


Movie Quote Monday


Man of Steel

“You can save them… You can save all of them”

– Definitely a MUST SEE

Review: Identity Thief


Now I must first point out that when I saw this trailer I thought it looked pretty dumb especially for Melissa McCarthy, however after my friend said that it was worth watching and lent it to me I finally saw that it has more meat to it than an offbeat story. The plot is a little far fetched but what story nowadays isn’t. At first glance this film may seem like a shallow story of a greedy woman who never plays by the rules and does whatever she wants to people she’s never met, but she is actually a very lonely woman who was an orphan and never had a reason to truly care about anyone else because no one ever cared about her. This all changes when her latest victim Sandy (Jason Bateman) realizes his identity has been stolen and decides to take matters into his own hands, find this criminal and take her down. What he isn’t expecting is this woman is a well versed identity thief she has been doing it all her life and knows how to get out of any situation and though these two have their drawn out brawls Jason finally gets her under control and actually learns a little bit about her story as well as her learning about his struggles of taking care of his growing family. Granted this film has some very silly moments but with these two lead actors its not uncommon because this is what they do best.


I found this film entertaining, a little over the top and hilarious. I must say that one of the best elements of this film was the heartwarming nature of the relationship between Melissa and Jason by the end of the film and how she finally had people who cared about her and a family. Another aspect that was great about this film was the hysterical cameos in Eric Stonestreet, Melissa’s real husband Ben Falcone, Bridesmaids co-star Ellie Kemper, Jon Favreau, T.I., Morris Chestnut, John Cho, Amanda Peet and Robert Patrick (from Terminator for goodness sake). All these wonderful actors did such an amazing job assisting the two leads in all the shenanigans they got themselves into. This film also had a great plot by putting these two people who hate each other into a tiny car and having to drive for thousands of miles, of course hilarity is going to ensue and it does. Jason Bateman is the perfect straight man to Melissa’s zany character. This film was fun, heartwarming and very funny. If anything watch it because Jason and Melissa are great together. Definitely a renter.

Review: Moonrise Kingdom


This film compelled me from the very first scene and kept me interested until the very last frame. It is not mainstream, typical or high concept but it is entertaining, funny and charming. I must say my favorite scene was the first shot as Leonard Bernstein’s “The Young People’s Guide Orchestra Op. 34” plays as the cast consisting of a family with one girl and three boys go about their morning. It builds and lowers in all the right places synching up with the characters on screen. This story is a sweet one of two young people who met briefly, wrote each other for a while and then decided to run away together. The boy, Sam, is in Boy Scouts and the girl, Suzy, both around 11 or 12 have difficult relationships with their parents or lack thereof. They relate on that level and ultimately fall in love while running away from their troop and parents. I loved all the actors in this film Frances McDormand, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Tilda Swinton and Jason Schwartzman all played excellent parts as the adults who in retrospect should be the responsible ones however, in this film the children are more responsible and level headed than the adults. Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward who play Sam and Suzy do a wonderful job of playing children who are innocent enough to believe in the future and what it holds yet mature enough to realize the feelings they have for one another.


This was directed by Wes Anderson who filmed it like it was a play, with the actors moving within the frame as opposed to the camera moving along with the actors which I thought really added to the feel of the film. Now this movie is not for everyone because it is quite quirky and strange but in the best possible way. It is funny in the situations they are put into as well as the interactions between characters. My favorite character had to be Cousin Ben (Jason Schwartzman) who marries Suzy and Sam though its a fake marriage (obviously) but before he goes through with the fake marriage he grills them on why they want to get married so young even though its not a real marriage. The banter back and forth in that along with the irony of their dialogue and actions had to be the funniest scene in my opinion. Though this is not going to be the most popular movie of 2012, it is definitely worth watching because it is heartfelt, the problems between the parents are real and its a simple story something I think Hollywood needs to get back to. So if you’re looking for something funny, charming and a little bit off the wall I’d highly recommend this one.


Review: Fast and Furious 6


The new and ever so wonderful sequel of the Fast and the Furious series has grossed 120 million, and I can tell you why. It was action packed yet emotional. This time around it revolves around family and doing everything you can to keep it.This family theme rings true from the first scene till the last scene, a few seconds after the credits. The whole cast is back again and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They all compliment the movie nicely while bringing to the table special abilities within the mission. The car chases are even more intense and theatrical than ever before. At some points of the movie you will be squeezing your chair or at the end of your seat just waiting to see how things play out. The fight scenes and chases are well choreographed and have a way of sucking you in. The way Justin Lin shot the movie was done so well that you feel as if you are in those cars going 120 mph and making split decisions to turn on a dime or jump a ramp.


The Rock or Dwayne Johnson not only over shadows Vin Diesel in build but also in fight sequences. His HUGENESS takes over the screen and the scenes. You don’t mess with the Rock in this movie. My favorite characters have to be Han and Gisele, they are what bring most of the romantic feel to the movie. And what would a good action film be without some comedy? Tyrese and Ludacris bring it in tons. Their wittiness and jabs at each other is what make the comdiec moments great. Just when you think it has gone all serious they come in and lighten the mood. They are what make this movie great. Then again when is it ever hard to watch Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Tyrese Gibson, and Ludaric in one movie, Never. Definitely should SEE this movie in theaters to get the rush and feel it produces.

Fun Fact Friday


Neither Michelle Rodriguez or Jordana Brewster had their learners permit nor drivers license at the time of production on The Fast and the Furious film (2001). 




Throwback Thursday: My Best Friend’s Wedding


Thank you to Heather for requesting this film for Throwback Thursday, this one is for you. First of all I just need to call attention to the gorgeous stud that is Durmot Mulroney, sigh. He is so darn good looking in this its just ridiculous. Ok now that that’s out of the way we can discuss the gloriousness of this 90’s rom-com. This film has all the elements of the perfect chick flick/rom-com. It has a limited time frame taking place days before the nuptials, a beautiful woman Julienne (Julia Roberts), realizing that she is in love with her best friend Michael (Durmot Mulroney) who is getting married to Kimberly (Cameron Diaz), the intriguing story and George (Rupert Everett) the gay best friend of Julienne’s who plays along as her fiancée to make Michael jealous. Julienne realizes she is in love with Michael upon hearing the news of his wedding and decides that she will go to Chicago and break them up, however Kimberly at first glance is the perfect woman and will be harder to break. The storyline sets up some great antics by Julienne and George as they are trying to make Michael jealous of them and to an extent it works, so much so that she finally tells him how she feels and it ends up being Michaels decision on which girl to choose.


Julia Roberts was the Queen of the rom-com in the 90’s and this film is no different. She plays her bubbly, lovable, gorgeous self with what looks like no effort and is able to pull off being vulnerable and sassy all in one. It is so interesting to see Cameron Diaz play this role because Kimberly is proper, wears preppy clothes and seems downright perfect in her appearance and demeanor. This is not the Cameron Diaz I am used to but she plays her with enough vigor to stand up for what she wants yet innocent enough in her attitude towards her impending marriage to Michael. Now anyone that has seen this film always remembers the scene where George sings “I say a little prayer for you” to Julienne in the restaurant and before you know it the whole table and restaurant is singing along, how can you not love that scene. It’s probably one of the best scenes in the film because its spontaneous, funny and in that scene you can see on Michael’s face that he’s questioning his marriage to Kimmy. This is a great film for anyone that needs a laugh and to be reminded that if you love someone you better tell them before its too late or they get engaged to someone else. All the actors are wonderful in this and it has a happy ending what more could you ask for? This one is definitely a Buy.

Review: This is 40


This somewhat sequel to Knocked Up about married life with children at forty is funny, touching and realistic. What I like about Judd Apatow’s most recent films is his ability to show situations that are real and situations that people can connect with. This one deals with a married couple who are turning the big 40. Leslie Mann (Debbie) is having a harder time with it than her husband Paul Rudd (Pete). She does not want to be 40 years old and begins to really look at her life and decides that its time for her to be more present in her children’s lives as well as her husband. She doesn’t want to blink and be 90 years old all of a sudden. Though not everyone in the audience is near their 40’s I think anyone can relate to this story of not wanting life to pass you by and not having regrets. This being a comedy not everything goes smoothly as expected, the couple begin to fight over little things, the kids feel their fighting and they go through a somewhat dark period. However, they both realize that they truly love each and will fight for one another and their marriage. The other actors including Jason Segel, Chris O’Dowd, Megan Fox, John Lithgow and Albert Brooks complement this crazy couple very nicely as they are just as strange and unique.


I thought this film was cute and funny, something to watch when you just want to laugh and not worry about anything. I love the way the relationships end in this film with Debbie reconnecting with her father and Pete and Debbie reconciling and looking forward to their crazy future. Though some parts might have been overdone or over the top that’s Judd Apatow and it could have been a little shorter but those are my minor annoyances with it. All in all this was a lighthearted film about the curveballs that life throws and figuring them out the best way you can. I liked the broad message that life is short so you better spend time with your loved ones before its too late and that you shouldn’t always sweat the small stuff. It’s not an Oscar winner but its fun to watch and easy to relate to so its a definite renter.