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Review: This is 40


This somewhat sequel to Knocked Up about married life with children at forty is funny, touching and realistic. What I like about Judd Apatow’s most recent films is his ability to show situations that are real and situations that people can connect with. This one deals with a married couple who are turning the big 40. Leslie Mann (Debbie) is having a harder time with it than her husband Paul Rudd (Pete). She does not want to be 40 years old and begins to really look at her life and decides that its time for her to be more present in her children’s lives as well as her husband. She doesn’t want to blink and be 90 years old all of a sudden. Though not everyone in the audience is near their 40’s I think anyone can relate to this story of not wanting life to pass you by and not having regrets. This being a comedy not everything goes smoothly as expected, the couple begin to fight over little things, the kids feel their fighting and they go through a somewhat dark period. However, they both realize that they truly love each and will fight for one another and their marriage. The other actors including Jason Segel, Chris O’Dowd, Megan Fox, John Lithgow and Albert Brooks complement this crazy couple very nicely as they are just as strange and unique.


I thought this film was cute and funny, something to watch when you just want to laugh and not worry about anything. I love the way the relationships end in this film with Debbie reconnecting with her father and Pete and Debbie reconciling and looking forward to their crazy future. Though some parts might have been overdone or over the top that’s Judd Apatow and it could have been a little shorter but those are my minor annoyances with it. All in all this was a lighthearted film about the curveballs that life throws and figuring them out the best way you can. I liked the broad message that life is short so you better spend time with your loved ones before its too late and that you shouldn’t always sweat the small stuff. It’s not an Oscar winner but its fun to watch and easy to relate to so its a definite renter.