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Throwback Thursday: Mean Girls


If you know this movie backwards like I do then when you hear Glen Coco you know exactly what I’m talking about. I could go on an on about all the things I love about this movie, the one liners, the over the top drama, the important message behind the story, the fact it’s written by Tine Fey, the hilarity that comes from these actors…you get my point. I LOVE this movie. Although looking back on it now I can see that its a glamorized version of bullying which is a no-no but this film has a happy ending which in my opinion makes up for it. This was the Golden Year for Lindsay Lohan and probably her biggest hit besides Freaky Friday. This wasn’t a total rom-com or completely predictable either because usually the evil character in the end doesn’t learn their lesson but for Regina George the Queen Bitch this is not the case. She does learn that being mean and putting everyone down for their differences is not the way to live life. Though its set in high school it does have some very important themes like how being bullied especially in high school is hard for anyone, learning to love yourself because of your differences and feeling confident in who you are. Now don’t get me wrong this film has an important undertone but it’s also completely ridiculous and hilarious. If you are a girl and have not seen this film yet please do yourself a favor and watch it. You will learn many important phrases that will help you in the real world like “You go Glen Coco”, “Stop trying to make Fetch happen”, “None for Gretchen Weiners”, and “Boo! You whore”.


All the actors give a great performance with the characters they are given. I think Lacey Chabert as Gretchen Weiners is wonderful as Regina’s jealous, unstable right hand man and her Ceasar speech which is really about Regina is where she really shines. Amanda Seyfried as Karen is pure genius, I quote her on almost a daily basis because they are so darn funny and relevant to everyday life. Rachel McAdams does a great job as Bitchy McBitch Regina George along with her overbearing and very inappropriate mother Amy Poehler. Lizzy Caplan (Janis Ian) and Daniel Franzese (Damien) are one of the main reasons this movie is so amazing. She is the off beat loud mouth who says whatever she wants and he is the gay best friend who goes along with her antics as well as being who is no matter what anyone thinks. They are a great duo who helps Lindsay Lohan (Cady) out on her first day at a real school. The scene where they call her out for truly become one of The Plastics is like this movie funny and ridiculous and Janis is yelling out of Damien’s car at Cady while he is driving. Hilarious. Though some people might not enjoy this movie for its content there are many reasons this film is a hit in its own right. It’s quoted by fans everyday, there are so many memes created from this film and HELLO Jennifer Lawrence referenced it in her People’s Choice acceptance speech!! How much more convincing do you need to go watch this movie people!!!! I would say Rent and Buy this one if you love awkward/funny moments with an important message. Love yourself the way you are and don’t let anyone bring you down.