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Review: The Way Way Back


I LOVED this film, I loved the simplicity of the storyline, I loved the exquisite acting, I loved the amazing actors, I loved the music, and I loved the underlying message of self respect and learning who you truly are. The story line was simple, a semi formed family travels to a small town for the summer in hopes of becoming a closer family while also trying to have a fun time. Steve Carell plays the new boyfriend, Trent, trying to get close to his pseudo step son, he is a horrible character and Steve plays him so well. The son Duncan played by Liam James is a 14 year old who is going through his parents divorce while also trying to figure out how he fits into this new family role while also being subjected to Trent’s constant negative comments towards his looks and attitude. Duncan is quiet, shy and awkward in the beginning but as the film goes on and he befriends some older guys at the local water park he learns that he is stronger than he thinks and by the end of the film is able to finally stand up to Trent (Steve Carell) and his mom. This film has some great heartwarming moments when Duncan finally accepts who he is and becomes confident of himself. Duncan has a slight crush on the girl next door (AnnaSophia Robb) but the story doesn’t focus too much on it which actually helps the film with its importance of family first.


Another reason I loved this film so much is quite simply the awesome cast. Allison Janney is hysterical as always, Maya Rudolph is spectacular, Nat Faxon who wrote and directed this film is quirky and lovable, but my all time favorite actor in this one is hands down Sam Rockwell. He helps young Duncan realize that he is confident, strong, funny and worth everything he deserves, but at the same time Duncan helps Owen (Sam Rockwell) grow up. Owen is an important figure in Duncan’s life at this point in his life and the end result is awesome. Sam Rockwell performs his heart out as the water park worker who doesn’t really work but cares about his job and co workers. There is a part where he does a Footloose speech to a bunch of teenagers which is just priceless and hilarious. Please please please watch this film if you want to be entertained, laugh, maybe tear up a bit and learn a little about self respect and family.



Throwback Thursday: Bridesmaids


In honor of The Heat coming out tomorrow starring two of the funniest human beings to grace this world Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock, I wanted to do a Throwback in honor of the great Melissa McCarthy to pay homage to her and to the hilarity that she brings to every project she does. Ok, if you are a young adult, boy or girl and have not seen Bridesmaids or never heard of this film you are deprived and I feel sorry for you. This film is one of the funniest films of the last five years in my opinion and a big reason for that is the breakout star of this film, Melissa McCarthy. Sure she has been in the acting game for a long time but this was one of those films where you really got to see her shine at doing what she does best which is giving people a reason to laugh which is such a great gift. Not only is she funny and beautiful but she is a real person inside and out, she is honest, down to earth and aware of what is important in her life which is her kids and husband. She is a breath of fresh air in this industry where people are constantly told you have to look a certain way to become famous or successful and she is doing extremely well in this industry being just the way she is. You go Melissa!

Bridesmaids youtube tv video channel (3)

Ok back to the film. The other actors bring different and hilarious aspects to their characters with Kristen Wiig, Rose Byrne, Maya Rudolph, and Ellie Kemper. They were all brilliant as this archetype band of misfits trying to help Maya Rudolph get married. One of the best scenes in this film and one that me and my friends quote daily is the airplane scene with all the girls headed to Vegas for the Bachelorette Party. Kristen Wiig owns this scene as the overly drunk who decides to tell everyone how she feels about her friends new perfect friend as well as her friends impending nuptials. My favorite aspect of this film was that the men were not really featured in the spotlight it was more about the relationship between the friends, Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig and how there relationship was going to shift a little bit with Maya getting married and Kristen not really knowing where to go next with her life. I thought this was important to highlight because I think that all friends go through this transition from being so close and doing things together all the time to your priorities changing and having to go through this new chapter in your life. I thought they did a great job of being funny and entertaining but also showcasing these real emotions and moments that happen between friendships. I will always love this movie and it will always be one of the best of 2011 just like I hope The Heat will be one of the best of 2013.