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Throwback Thursday: Bridesmaids


In honor of The Heat coming out tomorrow starring two of the funniest human beings to grace this world Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock, I wanted to do a Throwback in honor of the great Melissa McCarthy to pay homage to her and to the hilarity that she brings to every project she does. Ok, if you are a young adult, boy or girl and have not seen Bridesmaids or never heard of this film you are deprived and I feel sorry for you. This film is one of the funniest films of the last five years in my opinion and a big reason for that is the breakout star of this film, Melissa McCarthy. Sure she has been in the acting game for a long time but this was one of those films where you really got to see her shine at doing what she does best which is giving people a reason to laugh which is such a great gift. Not only is she funny and beautiful but she is a real person inside and out, she is honest, down to earth and aware of what is important in her life which is her kids and husband. She is a breath of fresh air in this industry where people are constantly told you have to look a certain way to become famous or successful and she is doing extremely well in this industry being just the way she is. You go Melissa!

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Ok back to the film. The other actors bring different and hilarious aspects to their characters with Kristen Wiig, Rose Byrne, Maya Rudolph, and Ellie Kemper. They were all brilliant as this archetype band of misfits trying to help Maya Rudolph get married. One of the best scenes in this film and one that me and my friends quote daily is the airplane scene with all the girls headed to Vegas for the Bachelorette Party. Kristen Wiig owns this scene as the overly drunk who decides to tell everyone how she feels about her friends new perfect friend as well as her friends impending nuptials. My favorite aspect of this film was that the men were not really featured in the spotlight it was more about the relationship between the friends, Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig and how there relationship was going to shift a little bit with Maya getting married and Kristen not really knowing where to go next with her life. I thought this was important to highlight because I think that all friends go through this transition from being so close and doing things together all the time to your priorities changing and having to go through this new chapter in your life. I thought they did a great job of being funny and entertaining but also showcasing these real emotions and moments that happen between friendships. I will always love this movie and it will always be one of the best of 2011 just like I hope The Heat will be one of the best of 2013.



Review: Identity Thief


Now I must first point out that when I saw this trailer I thought it looked pretty dumb especially for Melissa McCarthy, however after my friend said that it was worth watching and lent it to me I finally saw that it has more meat to it than an offbeat story. The plot is a little far fetched but what story nowadays isn’t. At first glance this film may seem like a shallow story of a greedy woman who never plays by the rules and does whatever she wants to people she’s never met, but she is actually a very lonely woman who was an orphan and never had a reason to truly care about anyone else because no one ever cared about her. This all changes when her latest victim Sandy (Jason Bateman) realizes his identity has been stolen and decides to take matters into his own hands, find this criminal and take her down. What he isn’t expecting is this woman is a well versed identity thief she has been doing it all her life and knows how to get out of any situation and though these two have their drawn out brawls Jason finally gets her under control and actually learns a little bit about her story as well as her learning about his struggles of taking care of his growing family. Granted this film has some very silly moments but with these two lead actors its not uncommon because this is what they do best.


I found this film entertaining, a little over the top and hilarious. I must say that one of the best elements of this film was the heartwarming nature of the relationship between Melissa and Jason by the end of the film and how she finally had people who cared about her and a family. Another aspect that was great about this film was the hysterical cameos in Eric Stonestreet, Melissa’s real husband Ben Falcone, Bridesmaids co-star Ellie Kemper, Jon Favreau, T.I., Morris Chestnut, John Cho, Amanda Peet and Robert Patrick (from Terminator for goodness sake). All these wonderful actors did such an amazing job assisting the two leads in all the shenanigans they got themselves into. This film also had a great plot by putting these two people who hate each other into a tiny car and having to drive for thousands of miles, of course hilarity is going to ensue and it does. Jason Bateman is the perfect straight man to Melissa’s zany character. This film was fun, heartwarming and very funny. If anything watch it because Jason and Melissa are great together. Definitely a renter.