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Review: This is The End


This movie was ridiculous, over the top, raunchy and one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. I was laughing throughout the entire film. When I first saw the trailers I thought it looked a little dumb but typical of Seth Rogen and his gang, however I went into the theater with an open mind and man I was pleasantly surprised. I loved that all the actors played themselves because I think it made them feel a little more comfortable on set and be able to improvise with each other which I’m sure almost half of that film was improvised. I’ll just give a few details to paint a little picture, Jay Baruchel meets up with his longtime friend Seth Rogen hoping to just hang out but to his dismay Seth says that James Franco is hosting a kick ass party and though Jay doesn’t want to go he agrees to please his friend. The party is littered with celebrity cameos including Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, an obnoxious Michael Cera and of course the main stars Craig Robinson, Jonah Hill, James Franco and Danny McBride along with Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill. For me personally Danny McBride stole the show on this one he is foul, two faced and a complete comedic genius in this one.


Yes there are some insane moments of absolute ridiculousness but fans are used to this type of humor with these films. They go because they know it will be outlandish and completely obscure but man this one takes the cake, as this film deals with the topic of the Apocalypse. Ok I won’t give any more details away but trust me this one is a definite must see and buy because it is fucking hilarious. Its just what you would expect from these guys. There is a hilarious conversation about a Milky Way as well as these guys especially Seth and Jay trying to patch up there somewhat rocky friendship. I thought this film though outrageous had a simple message, that doing good for others is what life is all about as well as staying true to your friends no matter how much things change. There are great cameos, moments that will make you chuckle especially towards the end and the last scene is wonderful especially if you’re a boy band lover! Go see this movie, you’ll be glad you did.