Review: Monsters University



Monsters University was a huge hit in my book. The animation is still wonderful and the vibrant colors of the scenery and monsters make this such a great film to watch. I am so happy to see/hear Billy Crystal and John Goodman reprise their roles as Mike and Sully. No one can make those characters come to life like their charismatic and charming voices. Seeing the journey Mike takes from a child to University student is so amazingly adorable that you cant help but watch. Waiting to hear familiar voices is why watching this movie is so exciting. Not only does it have the same memorable voices as in the previous Monsters movie but also introduces many great actors/actresses as well. Most of the voices that you hear are easily identifiable but some might be harder than others. I love hearing the energetic voices of John Ratzenberger, Nathan Fillion, and Sean Hayes, which are just a few that grace this movie with their voices.


This movie could not have shown a better representation of the theme , going after your dreams, in a better way. This should speak to all kids in that growing up is hard and reaching your dreams is always a journey, which might not end up to what you imagined. Like usual there is a silver lining to their story and a happy ending. Mike and Sully decide on a path toward their goal of working at Monsters Inc. and will do every job with perfection to get there. The motto “with hard work and determination anything is possible” rings true till the end of this film.



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