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Review: Mortal Instruments City of Bones


Should See

I will let you all know I am trying to finish the book, need about 1/3 more Togo. So with this in mind this is what I thought of the movie. I loved the characters and the actors who played them, would not change any of them. However, I felt that this film could have incorporated a lot more of the book details that they didn’t. It felt like a usual fantasy movie with small elements of the book put in, which really disappointed me. I was hoping to walk out of there saying “this is the best movie ever” but unfortunately I did not. I will also say that I hope they get a new director for the next one, one who might have actually read the book. I feel a little snobby writing a less than good review which is why I am going to see it again to hopefully appreciate it as just a movie rather than a book portrayal.

I will say that the action was fun to watch and the love story was enticing, however not knowing some parts of the story I was shocked to see they were siblings. In fact it ruined the rest of the movie for me, I want not only the kick ass scenes but the love story that usually tags along. I know now (because I begged my sister to tell me) that this changes in the books but for me I was discombobulated when I saw that. I hope to give a nicer review after the second viewing,I will keep you posted. I do hope all who read the book go to see the movie to hopefully get your own review or opinion on how they did.


Review: The Worlds End


Must See

Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright have written yet again a ridiculous yet hilarious movie. This film feels like a well done parody yet has its own unique and original elements. The story starts at the boys adolescent adventure of the pub crawl in their hometown and with enough weird and crazy events in between land in the same spot they once were. Their slapstick humor, witty remarks , and friendly bashing all add up to make the audience laugh and smile till their cheeks hurt. These guys not only get to make a comedy about the world ending but also creates a kick ass action film at the same time.


Each character gets their own time to shine in either kicking ass or giving a funny line. These writers know how to make a movie outrageous yet humbling at the same time. Although this movie is really meant for laughter it also has a sensitive and darker theme behind it. Wright and Pegg know how to combine and transition from comedic scenes to serious situations with ease. I can’t wait for this to come out to buy, I wish it would be in a combo pack that included Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. By the way if you liked This is the End then you will love this movie.