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Review: Monsters University


Once again Pixar is able to create a wonderful story along with a happy ending that is enjoyable for children and adults. I must say that being a 24 year old with no kids I was quite excited to see this film as I still find children’s films to be almost more entertaining that more adult content. This film did not disappoint, it had all the original cast members who took on their parts like Billy Crystal and John Goodman while incorporating some new lovable characters like Sean Hayes and Dave Foley. Though this is the sequel/prequel to Monsters, Inc. and its been 12 years since the original film this one was still able to stay current with todays audience as well as reminding people of the charm the original had. I loved the characters and the developing story of how Sully and Mike first met and how they eventually made it to Monsters, Inc. working as a team.


The animation was colorful and vibrant, the storyline was compelling and heartwarming and the jokes were funny and on point. Pixar has a way of creating a children’s story while putting in an underlying message. This films message was that hard work and determination though cheesy at times really does pay off. Mike started out as the underdog by being so small and people constantly telling him that he will never be a scarer and though it chipped away at his confidence a little, he still knew that he would make his dreams come true no matter what. This was a great message to little kids as well as adults that your dreams are never too far away if you just work hard at it and never let anyone bring you down. This one is definitely a must see, if you have kids or not!